What Do DRV Model Numbers Stand For?


Lately, we’ve seen some DRV owners and enthusiasts asking online about DRV model numbers and names.

What do the numbers and letters in our model names stand for? Because we work with RVs every day, it’s easy to forget that our internal codes aren’t common knowledge, so we thought this would be an excellent opportunity to give everyone a peek behind the scenes and demystify our naming conventions.

The DRV brand rests on the shoulders of Mobile Suites, the foundational model that gives Full House something to build upon. Mobile Suites is DRV’s range of luxury fifth wheels, with models from just over 38 feet long to 46 feet long.

Mobile Suites Orlando

All our 46-foot models have three axles for additional support, and we name our triple-axle floor plans after cities: Orlando, Houston, Nashville, and Manhattan. Big floor plans deserve big names to do justice to features like extra-large living areas for hosting family and friends, spacious bunkhouse suites for traveling with guests, and master bathrooms with his-and-hers sinks for a deluxe tooth-brushing experience.

Mobile Suites models under 46 feet long have double axles, and we name them for the specific features and elements in each model’s layout. For example:

Mobile Suites

In Mobile Suites 36RSSB3:

  • RS refers to the rear sofa, referencing the roomy living area at the back of the coach.
  • SB refers to the side bathroom.
  • 3 refers to the three slides that expand this model’s interior footprint.

For Mobile Suites 39DBRS3:

  • DB is for the double bath, a nod to the floor plan’s second half-bathroom.
  • RS refers to the rear sofa and the spacious living area along the back wall.
  • 3 refers to its three slideouts.

The Mobile Suites 40KSSB4 includes:

  • KS for the kitchen slide, which provides extra room for cooking.
  • SB for the side bath just off the main bedroom
  • 4 for its four slides.

Mobile Suites 41RKDB stands for:

  • RK to indicate the rear kitchen with an impressive wrap-around countertop
  • DB for double bath, one just for the bedroom suite, and one for guests

In Mobile Suites 41FKMB:

  • FK is for the incredible chef-worthy kitchen at the front of the coach.
  • MB refers to the luxurious master bedroom suite at the rear.

And in Mobile Suites 41RKSB:

  • RK stands for the spacious kitchen at the back of the RV.
  • SB is for the spacious side bathroom.

All DRV models are designed and crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, and our model names just reflect a few small aspects of everything our coaches include. If you’re just beginning your RV shopping journey, take a look at our guide to researching your first RV for a primer or to revisit the basics of RV models. If you’re looking for something specific, why not head over to the Build Your Own module? You’ll be able to explore all the customization options available on DRV models, including fabrics, finishes, and flooring, and all the optional features you can add to your build to create an RV perfect for your lifestyle.

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