Our valued customers share their travel experiences with our products.

“After seven years in a larger fifth wheel, downsizing was a must, and DRV’s Mobile Suites 39DBRS3 was the perfect fit. We wanted a bath and a half, and the independent suspension was non-negotiable – luckily, it all came standard. With the goal to stay under 40 feet, the 39′-8” length was just right. The amply cabinet space and storage nooks made up for the lost basement space.
The washer and dryer in the half bath are a game-changer, and the king bed is pure comfort. Looking forward to Florida, the DRV rally in Sevierville, and beyond!”
Jeff and Nora Hanna

“We traveled from western Nebraska to Austin, Texas to purchase this beauty! We’ve spent two nights in it already and we feel like we are at a resort. It’s so nice compared to what we had before.”

Shonda Sheets

“After five years on the road staying at Airbnb’s, we finally have a home away from home.”

Jenna Penn

“Our DRV’s performance has been remarkable in cold weather – nothing has ever frozen. Since we’ve added the Smart Tank System, I no longer have to empty or flush my tanks in this cold weather – it takes care of all of that for me.”

Jim Bell

“We have been RVing for several years and because we are now spending the winters in Florida, we decided to upgrade to a higher-end fifth wheel. After looking at different brands, we decided that a DRV Mobile Suites was the best fit for us. We chose the Houston floor plan because of the larger, open-living area. I really liked the location of the desk, and we both liked the washer/dryer being placed in the middle of the floor plan, the half bath, the large front bathroom and the closet space. We couldn’t be any more excited about our new DRV Houston!”

The Barkman family

“Linda and I just returned home to Arizona from Oklahoma where we purchased our new 2019 [Mobile Suites] 41RKSB4. Oklahoma RV Center treated us very well, and we had a fun time transferring our stuff from our old rig to our new one. Towing our DRV home was the easiest tow I have ever done. We are full-time stationary until we retire and we love our new home. Here’s a picture of our rig parked in a closed casino parking lot in New Mexico.”

Tom Sullivan

“Here we are up in the Colorado Rockies at the 9000 ft level snowed in. We stayed nice and warm too!”

Jim Albert

“We fell in love with our Elite Suites 39DBRS at first site. From the smallest details to the large amenities, you can see that DRV [Luxury Suites] doesn’t cut corners. We haven’t been outside of the southeast, but our DRV pulls better than any of the five RVs we’ve owned before – the independent suspension makes all the difference in the world.”

Jim Albert

“Our Spring and Summer travel adventures have begun! We will be visiting nine states, at least six National Parks and traveling 7,300 miles over 190 days. We hope to meet other DRV owners along the way!”

Marylotti Copeland

“We love our DRV and this life we are blessed to be living.”

Tom Santoni

“In our first rig, we pulled the table and chairs out in order to bring in more storage and to have a drop zone in the entry way. One of my favorite things about our new #homeonwheels is that it comes with tons of cabinets both about the table and below. It also has a coat closet inside the entry door for leashes, face masks, raincoats, keys, etc. DRV [Luxury Suites] does an incredible job utilizing every nook and cranny to bring in the maximum amount of storage. We didn’t have to modify this space for it to work perfectly for us.
There are ton of features that kept bringing us back to this brand, but the functional design is one of the big ones. In the end, nothing else compared.”


“Prior to three months ago, we had never owned an RV. We traveled the horse show circuit for many years, staying in hotels, Airbnb’s, VRBO’s, etc., but not anymore. We’ve spent the last six weeks in Gulfport and will be spending the next month in Franklin, TN before heading to Ocala. After that we’ll head to Chicago and Kentucky. We are hooked and will keep on rolling!”

Dave O'Donnell

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