What Do DRV Model Numbers Stand For?

Lately, we’ve seen some DRV owners and enthusiasts asking online about DRV model numbers and names. What do the numbers and letters in our model names stand for? Because we work with RVs every day, it’s easy to forget that our internal codes aren’t common knowledge, so we thought this would be an excellent opportunity […]


WELCOME DRV LUXURY SUITE OWNERS!  We’re excited to welcome you to the latest edition of our DRV Luxury Suites Newsletter! We’re pleased to have you with us, and we’re thrilled to share the latest updates, exclusive insights, special discounts and promotions and insider tips tailored just for you. As members of our esteemed DRV community, […]


Howe, IN (October 24, 2023) – At the 2023 Elkhart RV Dealer Open House, DRV Luxury Suitesshared the newest innovations going into its 2024 models. Updates include everything from newconstruction materials, fresh decor schemes, clever storage solutions, upgraded tech features,and more. Slide floors will feature a water-resistant composite subflooring, which is lighter than traditionalplywood and […]


Whether it’s a nightmare campsite, a toilet paper pyramid that won’t budge, or a blown tire, at some point, almost every RVer makes mistakes—ranging from minor inconveniences to embarrassing fiascos to truly dangerous situations. Learning from others’ mistakes is one way to avoid these catastrophes yourself, no matter your experience level. Here are 10 RVing mistakes […]

DRV Recommends RoadPass Pro & Here’s Why

As a company that obsesses over designing and building high-quality RVs, we’ve got kind of a soft spot for travel. Especially road travel. There’s no better way to see the expansive beauty of the U.S. than by driving, watching the scenery change in real time out your window. After all, while other countries may have […]

What You Need to Work or Learn Remotely

Work or learn remotely in your DRV

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that many people can do their jobs, and their homeschool work, remotely. And through the normalization of remote work, many people are choosing jobs where they can not just work from home, but work from home on the road – their RVs. Whether you’re a remote employee, an […]

Researching and Buying Your First RV

Researching and buying an RV is a significant undertaking, especially if it’s your first. It’s a big budget item that has to function as a house and a vehicle, holding all your travel gear, protecting you from the elements, and keeping you and your valuables safe on the road. To cap it all off, it […]