Welcome to the DRV Luxury Suites Testimonial page. This is where we publish the letters and emails from our valued customers on their travel experiences with one of our DRV products. We ask all our customers for their approval before we publish their feedback. We hope that reading through these real customer testimonies gives our prospective customers an inside look at how our construction allows for real full-time, residential, living. Thank you.

We traveled from western Nebraska to Austin, Texas to purchase this beauty! We’ve spent two nights in it already and we feel like we are at a resort. It's so nice compared to what we had before.
Shonda Sheets

Sheets DRV Luxury Fifth Wheel

In our first rig, we pulled the table and chairs out in order to bring in more storage and to have a drop zone in the entry way. One of my favorite things about our new #homeonwheels is that it comes with tons of cabinets both about the table and below. It also has a coat closet inside the entry door for leashes, face masks, raincoats, keys, etc. DRV [Luxury Suites] does an incredible job utilizing every nook and cranny to bring in the maximum amount of storage. We didn’t have to modify this space for it to work perfectly for us.
There are ton of features that kept bringing us back to this brand, but the functional design is one of the big ones. In the end, nothing else compared.

twothackerstogo DRV Luxury Fifth Wheel

Prior to three months ago, we had never owned an RV. We traveled the horse show circuit for many years, staying in hotels, Airbnb’s, VRBO’s, etc., but not anymore. We’ve spent the last six weeks in Gulfport and will be spending the next month in Franklin, TN before heading to Ocala. After that we’ll head to Chicago and Kentucky. We are hooked and will keep on rolling!
Dave ODonnell

Penn DRV Full House Luxury Fifth Wheel

After five years on the road staying at Airbnb’s, we finally have a home away from home.
Jenna Penn

Penn DRV Full House Luxury Fifth Wheel

Our DRV’s performance has been remarkable in cold weather - nothing has ever frozen. Since we’ve added the Smart Tank System, I no longer have to empty or flush my tanks in this cold weather - it takes care of all of that for me.
Jim Bell

Bell DRV Luxury Fifth Wheel

We have been RVing for several years and because we are now spending the winters in Florida, we decided to upgrade to a higher-end fifth wheel. After looking at different brands, we decided that a DRV Mobile Suites was the best fit for us. We chose the Houston floor plan because of the larger, open-living area. I really liked the location of the desk, and we both liked the washer/dryer being placed in the middle of the floor plan, the half bath, the large front bathroom and the closet space. We couldn't be any more excited about our new DRV Houston!
The Barkman family

Barkman Family DRV Luxury Fifth Wheel

We love the floorplan of our JX450 - it’s a perfect balance between living space and garage and allows us to take home and office on the road with us! The huge kitchen is great and being able to sit across from your TV in a toy hauler is rare. The garage is perfect for work and carrying our stuff to the next destination!

Barkman Family DRV Luxury Fifth Wheel

Linda and I just returned home to Arizona from Oklahoma where we purchased our new 2019 [Mobile Suites] 41RKSB4. Oklahoma RV Center treated us very well, and we had a fun time transferring our stuff from our old rig to our new one. Towing our DRV home was the easiest tow I have ever done. We are full-time stationary until we retire and we love our new home. Here's a picture of our rig parked in a closed casino parking lot in New Mexico.
Tom Sullivan

Barkman Family DRV Luxury Fifth Wheel

The open floor plan was what attracted us to the 38 RSSB3 Elite Suites. All the standards were also a deciding factor - having a dishwasher, king-size bed, full body paint, auto-leveling, etc. Although we only travel seasonally and on weekends, we enjoy the time spent RVing at so many different places. Our DRV [Elite Suites] has been a great product and we have never had any issues. We highly recommend their product and look forward to seeing other DRVs on the road!

We fell in love with our Elite Suites 39DBRS at first site. From the smallest details to the large amenities, you can see that DRV [Luxury Suites] doesn’t cut corners. We haven’t been outside of the southeast, but our DRV pulls better than any of the five RVs we’ve owned before - the independent suspension makes all the difference in the world.

If anyone is ever wondering about the durability, construction, and overall quality of a Mobile Suite 5th wheel, consider our personal experience with our 2010 TKSB4.
Our oldest son decided to get married to a young lady he had met in Cut Bank Montana and we received our invitation (required attendance) to his wedding, which to our surprise, was scheduled for the first week in December in Glacier National Park! Needless to say we had concerns about pulling our Mobile Suite to the Northland with the extreme cold weather they were experiencing but off we went anyway. The trip up to Montana from Oregon was uneventful but once we arrived in Cut Bank the weather turned horrible.
For seven days and nights we never saw temperatures above 20 degrees and the lows were -15 to -27 degrees below zero and winds gusting up to 40 MPH with a nice sideways snow! I was scared to death that every water system in the trailer would freeze solid and at times I wondered if we were going to freeze as well.
Despite the extremes we never froze a single water line and the furnace kept the trailer at a toasty 68 degrees. Keep in mind that our trailer does not have the Arctic package that is available with heated tanks larger furnaces and heat tapes for exposed sewer lines. We were astounded that our Mobile Suite could endure such extremes and never encounter a single problem.
I would like to congratulate and thank Mobile Suite on their commitment to produce a first class product that has exceeded our every expectation for a quality 5th wheel.
As with every RV company the product is only as good as the people who build them and the folks who represent and service their RV's. We have had the good fortune to meet and interact with Tom Hyde, Western Regional Sales Manager, and I must say his professionalism, expertise and overall RV knowledge is a true blessing to your company.
Todd and Stevie Samples
2010 Mobile Suites TKSB4

Good day. I am a new member of the DRV family. I retired in December 2014, from Allison Transmission in Speedway, Indiana. I worked there for 40 years, most of which was as a millwright. In March of 2015 my loving wife agreed to let me pick out my dream RV from RVs for Less in Knoxville, Tennessee. We bought a used 2013 Mobile Suites 38SKB3, number 6356 from Butch and Karen Burson. I can’t say enough good things about the people we have dealt with in our first year of ownership of our DRV. I camped at the RVs for Less dealership for 4 days while they educated me on my coach and installed my trailer hitch and air bags. They treated me like family. Ken at RVs for Less told me I would need to go to the DRV factory sometime later in the year to get a couple of things fixed on the coach. I called ahead and made an appointment with the factory in Howe, Indiana for October 22, 2015. Ed Frye, service manager, took care of all my issues. He had Fred the technician work on my coach. Fred worked on about 15 different tasks on my coach and I appreciate his expertise on the big and little things that needed to be done. I was so impressed with Ed and Fred in the thoroughness and care they took with my RV. After having my repairs completed I was sent to White Pigeon, Michigan, to see Randy Hamblen, at Classic Paint and Body. He painted the outside of the slide out framework that DRV installed. It was not a simple job, as he needed to paint three different colors to match the coach. He did an outstanding job. From there I went to Lippert in Goshen, In to see Colleen Walls to get my hydraulic jacks worked on. They were able to do a pressure test on the system and found leaking O-rings and replaced them. Again, the professionals there did and outstanding job. They all worked so hard to make me a “happy camper” and they sure accomplished that! I have visited the factory twice. The first time I took the tour to see how the coaches were built. I enjoyed it immensely and I enjoy looking at the pictures I took while on the tour. I also have had dealings with the DRV parts department. Amanda and the others have been most helpful and informative in filling my orders. All the prices seem very reasonable and I appreciate being able to have parts delivered to my home.
Before I bought my DRV I would go to RV shows and speak with several people. Most RVers would tell me that the RV is only as good as the support you get after you buy it. I believe that DRV has gone the extra mile to take care of all my issues and treated me like a VIP. I found your entire staff to be a well-trained, hard working team who makes sure the customer is pleased. I truly have enjoyed meeting so many talented and gracious people that I would have no reservation about recommending any of them to anyone I know.
In closing I would like to thank everyone involved in my journey with my DRV. May God bless each of you and what a pleasure it has been to meet and be served by each of you.
Thank You!
Mark Hollingsworth
2013 Mobile Suites 38SKB3

Here we are up in the Colorado Rockies at the 9000 ft level snowed in. We stayed nice and warm too!
Jim Albert
Mobile Suite

Mobile Suites fifth wheel in Colorado Rockies

First of all – I want to make sure you, and your bosses, understand that without your guidance, support, good humor and great communication – we would never have purchased our dream RV. When you first called us, when we were just drooling and kicking tires, I started to tell you we weren’t serious and that I didn’t want to waste your time. Dave talked me out of that, saying we might learn something. And of course, once we started talking – it was hard to stop. You know everything about everything!
About the rig: What can I say? We love it. It’s gorgeous, incredibly warm and comfortable. Lots of natural light, and gorgeous décor . The living area – complete with theater seating, a big TV, surround sound and my cozy fireplace is great for hanging out – even in cold, rainy weather.
We’re the talk of the RV park when people come in to admire the rig. They usually get stopped at the lights around the kitchen island, the dishwasher and the garbage disposal. And as a “wanna-be” gourmet cook, I LOVE my kitchen. There’s lots of storage for my “toys.” Doesn’t everyone take a bread machine and slow cooker with them when they camp?
I am totally surprised at how much I like and use the convection/microwave oven. Who knew you could whip up appetizers, scones, little cakes and more without the hassle of lighting the stove and hearing your husband grumble and complain? The refrigerator is just like being at home – ice through the door for drinks, a ton of freezer space that actually keeps ice cream frozen and nicely organized refrigerator shelves. By the way, we figured out how to stop items from falling out the door when you first open the refrigerator after traveling: little frig storage trays! You get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. No more refrigerator injuries!
The bedroom, with two slides, is roomy and attractive with a ton of storage and a walk-in closet. We love the king-size “Select a Number” bed. I’m not falling off the side any longer while the dog and husband take their half out of the middle. And we love the bright, airy bathroom, complete with a linen closet, window and tons of storage. I used to put my makeup in the bedroom because typically bathrooms are small, dark and scrunchy. But our Mobile Suites is light, bright and has storage and mirrors galore.
I could go on and on. But I think you’ve got the gist of our feelings about the DRV. It’s an amazing unit, we love it, and we’re spending way more time traveling with it than we ever did before.
Thank you so much for helping us build the perfect RV. As Davey says – this is the last one! After you’ve gotten a Mobile Suites, you’ve gotten the best. There’s no where else to go.
Take care and stay in touch. We think of you as family after the hours and hours of phone calls and advice you gave us. We would never have gotten this rig without you!
MJ Watt and Dave Conkle
2014 Mobile Suite

The purpose of this letter is to let you know how well our Mobile Suites performed in a recent snow and ice event described as a “once in a generation winter storm” resulting in six southeastern states declaring a state of emergency.
We are in Gulf Shores, Alabama where we hoped to experience the winter months in warm weather comfortable in our Mobile Suites. That was not to be the case. Three days ago a winter storm moved into our area. Overnight we experienced gusty winds, freezing rain and snow. We awoke to our Mobile Suites encased in ice; the outside temperature was 18 degrees. Fortunately our propane tanks were full and our onboard fresh water tank was full. We had electrical power from the RV Park but no water.
For two nights and one and ½ days we could not leave our RV Park, it was not safe. It was hazardous to walk outside of our Mobile Suites. The roads were not treated; this part of the country is simply not equipped to handle this type of weather emergency.
Our Mobile Suites performed great, we were comfortable and safe. We could tell other RV’s were struggling; ice forming on the outside windows as warm air and moisturize was escaping. On others we could see moisture accumulating on inside windows as well. We think at least one motor home couple left trying to get to a motel.
We want to emphasize, we were caught in a bad winter storm in a part of the country where public services are simply not equipped to handle such an event. We needed the safety and security our equipment could provide. Our Mobile Suites did the job quite well!
We would like to express our appreciation to all the folks at DRV for providing us such a fine piece of equipment, our 2011 Mobile Suites.
Paul and Margie McClellan
2011 Mobile Suite 36 RSSB3

I just wanted to send you guys a quick note telling you of how good of a job you guys are doing up there and how well my DRV has been holding up in these winter conditions. I’ve been down here in St. Louis through the major snow storms and we have reached wind chills of -35 degrees. The coach has worked great, I’m staying warm, I haven’t froze up, and it is a real testament of how well my coach is insulated. I have owned several DRV units now over the years, and it is great to have the confidence of knowing that I can stay comfortable in such cold conditions. Thank you, and keep up the good work up there at the factory!
Mike Sheriff
2013 Elite Suite 36 RSSB3

In 2007 we purchased a DRV, Select Suite. We were at a RV show and had settled on another brand but wanted to think about it. While walking around we passed by 3 DRV's, fell in love and never looked back. Since then we have purchased a 2011 Mobile Suite. DRV keeps bringing us back because of the insulation, amenities and their quality of construction is unsurpassed. We are snowbirds and while parked in RV resorts we get many knocks on the door asking about our Suite and we proudly show it. Most of the people we have shown are now in our Suites Owners family. From the factory to the dealers we have visited, we feel they are interested in making us happy and completely satisfied with our Suite. We are now looking in to ordering a new one!
Dave and Linda Webb
President of Suite Owners International Travel Club
2011 Mobile Suite 38 REPS3

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